Turning Up Your Megahertz!

with Wisdom from the Plant & Tree Devas and Sacred Selenite Swords of Light

Co-facilitated by Michele Amburgey & Karen Moe

2018 Dates

Saturday March 10, 3:15-6:15 pm
Saturday April 21, 2-6 pm
Saturday June 2, 2-6 pm
Saturday August 18. 2-6 pm
Saturday Sept 29, 2-6 pm
Saturday Dec. 1, 2-6 pm

Awakenings Metaphysical Bookstore
25260 La Paz Rd. Suite D Laguna Niguel, CA 92653
$55 reservation suggested – $65 at the door

There are 144,000 Megahertz of light available to your being if all chakras are cleared, balanced and operating properly. The more Light you are filled with, the higher your vibration, creating an optimal environment for your well-being and ultimately your ascension.

During this workshop we will be working with plant Devas specifically chosen to clear and support each chakra raising the vibration of your internal energy centers. You will be anointed with these divine essences as your chakras are balanced, and space is created for the light to flow in. The Wisdom of these essences will be shared for ongoing support of your physical, emotional & spiritual vessel.

Sacred Geometrical Alignment with Selenite Swords of Light will reset your energetic field and boost the light frequency within your body vessel. Selenite Swords are high vibrational tools that facilitate cleansing, clearing and balancing of the entire Energy matrix to the 11th dimension. They instantly remove all blocks and limitations. They are activated with over 200 crystals, volcanic rock, waters from 40 sacred spots around the world, all of the Sacred geometrical forms, and over 400 Ascended Masters, Angels, Holy Beings, Sacred Mantra, Emerald Tablets, Sacred Plant Medicines and much, much more. They will align you to your Divine Source for healing, attunement and Ascension.

Frequency is at the core of everything. The vitality of your frequency is paramount in all ways. Come join us for this profound journey into the field of Light and Love. Plug In & Turn It Up!

For more info on Michele visit www.MicheleAmburgey.com.
For more info on Karen visit www.marsandvenusrising.com and www.wisdomoftheearth.com.
Please contact Karen for info and to make your reservations at venusrising15@gmail.com.