The Wisdom of Earth
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There is a crack in everything....that's how the light gets in!
When I allow myself to feel all emotions and ride it through...
Solar Eclipse & New Moon....
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OK so we got some stuff going on up there in the Universe!! Earth is square to Mars and conjunct to Mercury and Venus. Can we say powerful geometry going on!!!
Check out the Sky as we welcome Spring. Crescent Moon courting the Bull & the Bright Start Aldabran & the Star Cluster Pleadies.
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Happy Maha Shivatri
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Last 2 Days of Mars in Scorpio so get your ducks in a row!!! This is THE TIME to focus on your action plans!! On the 26th we move into a less intense energy in Sagittarius, but don't let that ...
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Mars & Venus Rising updated their cover photo.
Who else is feeling the Harvest Moon? Did you notice the crispness in the air this morning? A little Trivia for how she got her name. The Harvest Moon usually rises in September close to the Equinox, however, this year ...
We came across this article that was written a few years back, but is so pertinent in our current perspective. Much Love, M&V
Mark your Calendars & Check your Zipcode! Don't want to miss this event of a lifetime! Monday August 21st.
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The power in numbers. I'm a 3 even though my favorite numbers are 7 and 11 which actually add up to 9. Check out this article.
Oh and Venus and Mercury are going direct again!
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Our planets are still visible for a few more weeks. Check out the sky news. @kmosure

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